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Celebrity Wines: Are They Worth the Hype?

So many celebrities from Pop Stars to Hollywood Actors have jumped on the wine-making bandwagon in recent years, but are they really worth spending your hard-earned cash on?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are perhaps one of the most successful celebrity couples to produce their own wine. After purchasing Château Miraval in the South-East of France in 2008, under the guidance of the esteemed Perrin family, they began selling Miraval Rosé wine in 2013 following year. In the typical pale, dry and refreshing style of most Provencal Rosés, it is bursting with flavours of strawberries and pink grapefruit. Certainly, one of the best celebrity wines that I have tasted and definitely worth the hype. Unfortunately, the future of Miraval Rosé now hangs in the balance after Angelina sold her half of the company following their divorce – a lawsuit continues.

Kylie Minogue has famously put her name to a range of different wines in recent years, including a deliciously crisp and elegant Prosecco Rosé. This is an easy-drinking bottle of bubbles exploding with fresh fruit flavours and is certainly a crowd-pleaser. Kylie has also dabbled in Provencal Rosé, Australian Pinot Noir and French Merlot, but her signature Prosecco is currently her best-seller and deservedly so.

A joint venture between the three Delevingne sisters: Cara, Poppy and Chloe and a third-generation Italian family of winemakers, resulted in one of the most delicious Proseccos that I have ever tasted. Made from 100% Glera grapes grown in the Valdobbiadene region of North-East Italy. The brand name Della Vite, meaning ‘from the vine’ has a strong focus on caring for the planet with a creative and modern edge. Not only is this Prosecco made from the best quality grapes, grown at high altitude to ensure freshness and high acidity, it is also 100% vegan with solar energy powering most of the production.

After a long and very successful music career, Gary Barlow has become one of the most recent celebrities to release his own brand of wine. Produced in Spain and 100% organic, Gary has three different wines in his collection – a red, a white and a rosé. These wines are very affordably priced and perfectly acceptable as basic table wines.

With his vast experience and knowledge of fine food, Gordon Ramsay has recently launched his collection of Italian wines. Produced in collaboration with Italian winemaker Alberto Antonini, the collection consists of a red called Intenso Rosso, a white called Vibrante Bianco and a rosé called Elegante Rosato. Like Gary Barlow’s wine, all three are pleasant and affordable choices, but if I had to choose one, the white would be my favourite. Made from a blend of Chardonnay and other local Italian grapes, it is a bright and fresh wine with flavours of apple, lemon and delicate herbs.

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